We ask 5 people creating the future: so, what will it be like?

What would be the future that you want to create for yourself?


You could say we at TED live in a permanent tomorrowland, so at our recent TED2015 conference, Disney commissioned TED with filmmaker Jesse Dylan to shoot some attendees and speakers speaking about the future for a promo for the movie Tomorrowland. (Full disclosure, Disney is also an advertiser on ted.com.)

But once the ad for the movie was cut together, we had some amazing leftovers — short interviews with people saying even more weird and interesting stuff about what they think the future will bring to their world (and ours). It was too good not to show. So here they are, insights from the likes of astronomer and planetary scientist Sara Seager, designer Tom Wujec and, first, science fiction writer Neil Gaiman:

Neil Gaiman: What kind of world do we want to live in? “All utopian futures are broken, because all utopian futures are built on and contain human beings — and we are broken,” says author Neil…

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