The Future School seeks to revolutionise the education industry and to prepare a generation for the future, equipping them with key skills and tools for an uncertain and ever-changing future.

The 21st Century presents new challenges and the future is evolving at a tremendous pace yet schools and the education system have not changed much over the past hundred years. The dominant systems of education are rooted in the values and demands of industrialism, yet meeting various social, economic, political, spiritual, environmental challenges in the future requires creativity and innovation which are not commonly taught in schools today.

Our goal is to bring out the potential in every individual. By being a part of The Future School, you or your child will have to opportunity to discover your talent and potential and gain a deeper sense of self-awareness. Our teaching methods is student-centric, which means that they are responsible for their own learning and we believe that if students learn how to learn for themselves, they will be able to go further.

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