Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

This course is meant to stimulate the mind, encourage exploration, ignite inner creativity and unlock hidden potential in students. Students should discover their own creative potential and begin seeing things from a different perspective.

Course Description

This course is created to enhance your understanding of creativity and to inspire you to look for new and innovative ways to find solutions to problems. Both historic and contemporary examples of creative individuals and companies will be used. Students can also expect to be exposed to creativity in different fields such as visual arts, science, food, music, advertising and consumer products. This course will last for 10 weeks.

Course Fees and Size:

7-9, 10-12 years old: $700

13-14, 15-16 years old: $800

17-19 years old: $900

We separate our students into different classes based on their age group so that they will be able to socialise with peers from their own age group.

Each group will start when there is a minimum of 6 people and there is a cap of 12 students per class.

Teaching Methods

Learning will be experiential and student-centric and include both individual and group activities. There are opportunities for participants to engage in creative activities using their different senses and to keep track of their own learning. A field trip may also be organized to enable students to learn beyond the classroom. Students will also have the opportunity to explore concepts of creativity as they relate to current trends around the world.


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